Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Aeriel View of the Tent Last Year

Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe brought something interesting to my attention Monday. The tent we used last year is visible on Google Earth and Google Maps. The first tent revival of our "Summer of Tent Revivals" last year was at Hilldale Holiness Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The most recent pictures of that neighborhood on Google just happened to be taken the week of tent revival. You can see the tent, the trailer and the BoggsMobile.

Seeing the tent in these pictures brings back great memories of revivals last year and makes me anticipate this year's tent revivals even more. Our first tent revival of 2012 is scheduled to kick off in 26 days in Citronelle, Alabama and we are excitedly counting down the days. I can't wait to put the new tent up for the first time and step back and watch the Lord work. We have been preparing nearly every day for quite a while and we believe God is going to meet with us during these meetings. Churches are fasting and praying for their communities and God will honor that.

In the picture the tent is at the top next to the road and the trailer is just to the right of the tent. The BoggsMobile is toward the bottom of the picture just below the last building. I think it is pretty cool that we have a lasting record of our Summer of Tent Revivals in 2011 courtesy of Google.

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Close up of the tent

Close up of the bus. I am not sure if that is Mr. Cheap Jeep next to the bus or a gulf cart we were using that week.


  1. Ya'know Brother Davy, I zoomed in real close on one of those views and I thought I saw you sitting outside the Boggsmobile eating a "Double Big Daddy"....Those are BIG burgers!!!!

    Modern Technology is so cool!


  2. That's funny. I love some Double Big Daddy in Tulsa!


  3. We could have had a family photo!

  4. That wasn't fair of me.
    As a group we could use a wide angle lens and besides,
    she's kinda purty right in the face anyways...


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