Saturday, March 8, 2014

Selfie Saturday

Odie's Saturday Morning Post

I hope you all had a good week. It sure turned cold again in a lot of places. I for one hope spring will come to say for a while soon. I am ready for some warmer weather. It is very nice today in LA (Lower Alabama)

Do you ever ask a friend to take a picture for you with your phone only to find out later they have taken random selfies. I leave my phone with friends and come back to find they left gifts for me. Most of them forget I have a blog to share all these photos with Millions of readers like you. Well I have collected a few of these pictures since November and today is when you get to see some of them. 

First we have Regan Brook Morris. Yes, she is beautiful and crazy. Here are 8 of the 20 something pictures she left for me. 

Then we have my cousins Deidre and Kayla. Wow it can be dangerous for these two to be together. 

Deidre left a couple on my phone at Christmas. 

Jason Fellers left me several to choose from when we were there in January. 

Last but not least we have Ethan Morris from Ellisville, Mississippi. Rumor has it that he is related to Mr. Anonymous.  When Ethen is not leaving me wonderful photos he is putting "kick me" signs on my back.  

As I was scrolling through my camera roll I found  these pics of food. These do not fit with the selfie theme but I am my Daddy's daughter and my Daddy loves to post pictures of food. I got hungry just looking at them. Have a great weekend. 

I am excited about our big day on Sunday at Tanner Williams and Ricton. I are also looking forward to the Allentown Meeting next week. I will be taking notes during the preaching and passing along some news from the meeting as usual.


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