Friday, March 21, 2014

Revival In Pictures - Forts Lake Assembly

We have been blessed to be a part of some good revivals this year but revival this week at Forts Lake has been especially good. I am sure that part of the reason is that they were already having revival type services way before we arrived on the scene. Every service has been amazing.

God has helped so many in the altar services. I have been sitting back at times in awe of what God is doing. Thank God for His wonderful help. I wish everybody could be here and be a part of revival.

Here are the pictures. God bless you all.


Pastor Tim Cauley

Of course, the food has been amazing as well. We do not call Sis. Ruthie Cauley one of the best cooks in the USA for naught.

Today Sis. Ruthie is cooking her world famous Shrimp Gumbo. It is going to be tremendous! I can not wait to dig in. I will try to take some pictures and try to post them later.

We have had several friends drop in as well. Too bad we failed to get pictures of most of them. Lol We always appreciate friends coming to see us from other churches.

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