Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some Things Fix Easy and Some Things Do Not

Yesterday's Post

There always seems to be plenty of projects to go around when you live in any kind of RV. The current BoggsMobile is no exception. I have been dabbling with 2 or 3 different projects this week and 2 or 3 more on the back burner and 10 or 15 on the to do list. 

There is one thing I am very thankful for this week. That is the fact that I can work outside without 13 layers of clothes plus two vests, gloves, hat and ear muffs or ear muffins as I call them. Praise God for some warmer weather.

I had some air valves replaced and the ride height adjusted on the BoggsMobile in October while going through Houston, Texas. More on that HERE and HERE. Raising 3/4 of an inch at the drive axle works out to much more than that at the bumper. With the rise, our tow bar has been pointing down toward the Green Machine more than it was supposed to. I ordered a drop made just for that situation and I received it in the middle of the deep freeze that was our attempted revival in West Plains, Missouri.

The drop fit fine into the hitch on the bus. However, the nearly new insert on the Blue Ox tow bar would not go in the brand new drop down receiver that was also made by Blue Ox. It was so very close but it would not go in. I put it all away until a warmer day. That warmer day came this week.

Warm weather and it still would not go in. I took it to a welding shop over on High Ave. just south of Mt. Vernon Holiness Church in Oklahoma City and let them have a look at it. A Standard 2" insert went in the receiver fine and the tow bar goes into other receivers fine but they would not go together.

The guy at the welding shop fixed it up in a few minutes with a power sander and $5 later I was on my way. That is how it is supposed to work.

I wish all my projects were resolved that easy. I have another project on the BoggsMobile that gets my attention on a daily basis the last few weeks and it does not look good. I do not even have the heart to tell you about it right now. I am going to need a final diagnosis from a professional and then I will know just how bad it is. It has the potential to be real bad.

The Lord helped us tremendously Tuesday here at the RV Park. There was a grass fire next to the park that burned a couple of acres at least. It burned right up to the fence in the picture below and beyond the fence just a few feet to the left of the picture. 

There are RVs all along the fence and the front of the BoggsMobile is within 100 feet of the fence. Somebody called the fire department and they came and put it out. It was obviously burning totally out of control for a while but with the wind blowing as hard as it was it could have been a whole lot worse for us. Praise God for his help.

Revival is going well at Calvary in Midwest City. We have one more night. God bless you all.


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