Monday, February 24, 2014

Travel Day - From Bro. Kenny to Bro. Kenny

We ended up with a very long travel day on Friday. The original plan was to drive about 500 miles on Friday and then finish up on Saturday. I guess I forgot to tell the BoggsMobile what the plan was because Friday morning it refused to cooperate. 

I was up early so I could turn the diesel heater and warm up the engine coolant since the outside temperature was about 32. While that was happening Kelly Jo was inside getting everything ready to ride. When she was about 30 minutes from being ready I sat down to crank the bus.

No crank. Nothing at all. Uh-oh! What Now? 

The voltage at the battery post was 24.3 That is a little lower than I expected it to be but it should have cranked. I hooked up the charger and let it charge for a couple of hours while I cleaned all the battery connections and was discussing my options with friends and family. 

While I was back there listening to make sure the starter solenoid was clicking I had Kelly Jo try it again. This time it turned over and cranked right up. Praise God. We emptied the holding tanks, hooked the car up, unhooked the electric and hit the road as quickly as we could.

We had lost a few hours so we were now running behind. By the time I made 500 miles it was dark and the truck stops were filled to overflowing. I was a little hesitant to stop and shut the motor off too. I would hate to get up Saturday morning and have the same problem.

After stopping for fuel in Jackson, Mississippi we pressed on and arrived in Ellisville a few minutes after 11. It was almost midnight when I finished outside and stepped in the bus. It had been a long, long day. I used to think I was a wimp if I could not drive 1000 miles a day but about 550 is my limit now.

We left Bro. Kenny Searcy Friday morning and arrived at Bro. Kenny Morris's Friday night.

After sleeping a while Saturday morning Bro. Scott Morris and I washed the bus and the front of the Green Machine. Bro. Scott and his family came by and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch with them. We really enjoyed the fellowship. Hopefully we will get to spend quite a bit more time with them this week.

They brought their Scion Xb and it was the first time our Xb's had been together. They look good together.

Especially with all these pretty girls.

We started revival Sunday here in Ellisville and we are off to a good start. It is great to be back with Pastor Kenny Morris and his church.

I really wanted you to see this picture, 56 degrees at 8:01 Sunday morning. That is much better.

I hope you all had a good Sunday. Pray that God will give us a move of His Spirit. 


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