Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Pictures From Youth Rally and Hilldale

We have a few more pictures from the Youth Rally Friday night at South Mission and from our revival at Hilldale. It sure has been a great week with some tremendous services. We are so thankful to know so many wonderful people. God has opened up so many doors for our family and we have been blessed to be in super great churches. These last few weeks are just more examples of that.

I love preaching in places where I find hearts hungry for the Word of God. It is a pleasure to sing and preach to folks when they listening closely and are ready to respond and spend time praying in the altar. God always helps, meets needs and changes lives in that kind of atmosphere.

Youth Rally pictures

We really had a great time at Hilldale this week. Even though we were only there three nights, those three nights were tremendous. Pastor Nathan Conner and his folks responded so good in each altar service. It was wonderful to see God help folks that came to him.

We sure are thankful for all the hospitality from Bro. Conner, his family and his church. God bless you all for your kindness.

We closed there Wednesday night and we are not preaching any where tonight. We had planned to have Thursday and Friday off to rest and then travel to Oklahoma City Saturday. However we were asked several weeks ago to preach the Valentine Banquet for the Sapulpa Youth Camp fellowship so we are busy preparing for that today. 

We plan to drive the BoggsMobile to Kellyville where the banquet is being held on Friday and then finish the trip to OKC on Saturday. Thankfully it is warming up outside so it will be nice to roll the wheels a few miles.

Here are a few more pictures from Hilldale.


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