Monday, February 3, 2014

A Snow Day In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Sunday was a wild weather day. One hour and 10 minutes before the three pictures below there was not one snow flake on the ground. When it started coming down it really started coming down!

Here's Kelly Jo and Odie loading up to go to church. Although we are parked on the church property it was easier to take the Green Machine than to push Odie in the wheel chair on the snowy street.

We were able to have church Sunday morning but the roads that had not been cleaned well during the day were frozen Sunday evening.

Although not everybody was able to make it to church Sunday morning we did have a very good service. We even had some visitors from California. That's not too bad for a cold snowy day. The folks at South Mission are hungry for revival so hopefully we will be able to pick back up tonight.

By the time church was over Sunday morning the snow was still piling up.

There was a spot with no snow where the Green Machine had been parked but there was no sign of that spot after church. It has been a while since I have seen snow come down that quick.

We had a great Mexican meal with Pastor Leon Rich, his family, some of the church folks and the visitors from California. We spent the afternoon and evening in the BoggsMobile relaxing and reading. Although it is cold and getting colder we are cozy warm inside.

We really only got the northern edge of the storm so it was quite a bit worse just south of here. The weather guessers are calling for more snow later in the week but I hope it misses us altogether.

I hope you had a great weekend.



  1. That's my Aunt and Uncle in one of them pictures.

    1. I had forgotten that. Oklahoma is like the Miami Valley. You have to be careful who you talk bad about because everybody is connected some way! Lol



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