Saturday, February 1, 2014

Swimming iPhone and Sweet Friends

Hello friends! Odie checking in with you again this Saturday. I am super thankful I still have a phone to blog on. You see my phone took a swim in the porcelain lake last Friday.

It was a baby heart attack moment for me!  I quickly ended the swim. My friend Kaylynn took it and dried the water. Then she blew lots of water from my phone. Thankfully my phone never quit working. 

Me and Kaylynn

Saturday morning while texting I realized my screen was was shaded with water damage. On Apple forums I read  the following post. 

"I wanted to share my damaged iphone experience and offer a tip to help remove water marks from screen after exposing your iphone to excessive moisture. I was lucky enough to having my phone still operational after the water issue but had screen markings / dark spots from water.  I was caught in a rain storm and ended up getting soaked, including my pockets which was where my phone was located. I decided to compile a few ideas I found online in 1 recommended tip. If your phone is not operational, you may just want to bag the phone in rice while powered off for a few days. This is for those people with water marks beneath the screen but phone is still working otherwise"
1. Go to settings>general>auto-lock and select 'never' 
2. Go to settings>brightnes & wallpaper & select auto-brightness 'off', then set brightness level to max! 
3. Connect charging cable and place phone in a bag or container completely submerged in instant rice (uncle bens worked for me) 
4. Allow a day or two of this drying out to occur and observe how the stains start changing and disappearing! 
I was amazed that this actually worked! The rice helped to pull the moisture out of the phone and the screen,  being on , helped to generate enough heat which helped it dry out quicker. Definitely give this a try before spending up to $200 in insurance deductibles for a refurbished phone."  

We did not have rice on hand so it was Saturday evening before I got rice. After leaving it in rice 36 hours the shadow was almost gone completely. Now I can barely see in 2 spots where the water had been.  If you ever have this horrible experience I recommend this method of drying your phone out. 

Now to more exciting things. Wednesday afternoon I had the privilege to be in chapel service at Faith Christian Academy. It was great to be with their wonderful students. I remember when most of the kids were born. They are precious children! During revival and chapel these kids were seeking more of God. It is encouraging to see them in the altars. 

Here are pictures from chapel service. Have a wonderful weekend. 


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