Friday, February 21, 2014

Calvary Holiness Church - Revival In Pictures

We have had another great week in revival with Pastor Kenny Searcy and the Calvary Holiness Church in Midwest City, Oklahoma. As I said earlier Bro. and Sis. Searcy have been our friends for many years. Although they are originally from Oklahoma they were living in Ohio and attending our home church when we started visiting there in early 1988. They embraced us so warmly and made us feel right at home and we have been friends ever since.

Later when we were pastoring our first church and they were evangelizing they held us a super great revival. They have been back in Oklahoma over 20 years and have been pastoring at Calvary for nearly 13 years. It is always our privilege to preach for these special folks. Thank you all for treating us so well. May God bless you for all of your kindness.

We plan to leave this morning and head toward Ellisville, Mississippi. It is a pretty long run so we do not plan to make the trip all in one day. We plan to park some where along the road and then finish up Saturday. We are supposed to start revival Sunday morning and I hope to be well rested and ready to go.

I hope you enjoy all of the pictures.


Pastor Kenny and Sis. Karen Searcy

I do not know how these next three pictures got started but if this is the way our visitors want to be photographed who are we to argue?

OK, back to normal...

Did I say normal earlier?

My new love. Whole wheat pancakes with bananas and strawberry syrup from IHOP.


  1. Some of the cutest little grandaughters you have EVER seen are on this post! :)

  2. Do you look at all our blog pictures or only the ones from Oklahoma? Lol


  3. I read your blog every day. But I must admit, the ones from Oklahoma are a little special. I love knowing where you all are and what the Lord is doing in your revivals.

    1. Thanks for reading faithfully. I thought the ones from Oklahoma were a little special to you. They are cute kids.



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