Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday February 6, 2014

We are having wonderful services at South Mission with Pastor Leon Rich and his folks. God has visited us every night and Wednesday was especially good. It is amazing that God is so mindful of His people and their needs. Praise God for His wonderful works to the children of men. We have two more services in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and we are expecting more great things.

The Millikin family had some great news on Wednesday. Sis. Millikin was had another surgery in Tulsa and everything went really well. As far as the doctors can see right now she is cancer free and should be well enough to go home and heal up in a few days. Praise God for a good report. After all the Millikin family has been through the last year the good news was refreshing.

The weather has been cold every where, even for our friends in the south. Pastor Kenny Morris and his church in Ellisville, Mississippi had a pipe freeze during the bad cold snap last week. It thawed and burst sometime during the evening or night Friday. By the time they found it Saturday the church was flooded.

The church folks worked for hours before the professionals arrived and finished drying things out. Hopefully they will be able to get all of the moisture out without any lasting damage. Stuff like that is always discouraging but Bro. Morris and his folks are taking it well. Please pray that God turns it all for good.

We are in the midst of a deep freeze right now. The wind chill is already considerably below freezing and the real temperature is supposed to go down to 7 by Thursday morning. It will be Friday evening before we have any chance of getting above freezing and then it is only forecast to be 33. Have I mentioned on the blog that I am kind of tired of all this super cold weather?

Think warm for us!


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