Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Use What You Have

Did I ever show you this picture? 

I took this picture in a gas station restroom some where in California last summer. Yes, this is a battery operated toilet bowl brush. Only in America can we be so pampered and lazy that we can not take 60 seconds to swirl the brush around the bowl using our own power.  

Evidently I have been missing a whole industry. I Googled "battery operated toilet brush" and was amazed at all of the options and models available. Who knew? What convenience and ability right in the power of your little fingers. Push the trigger and watch those stains disappear right before your eyes.

You want to know something else? I was very careful when taking the picture above NOT to include the toilet or much of the bathroom. You know why? It was one of the filthiest gas station bathrooms I have ever been in. It was super duper nasty.

A deluxe turbo powered gasoline toilet brush with sixteen state of the art rotating cleaning heads will not do one ounce of good if nobody uses it to clean the toilet. You must use what you have.

There is a lesson in there some where but I think I will stop before my analogy breaks down.


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  1. do you know where I can buy those battery operated toilet bowl brushes?


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