Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remembering Good Times and Good People

Yesterday's post caused me to browse through some of the past posts and reminisce about friends and great experiences we have had in this area. I ran across this picture that I posted four years ago today.

We were in revival at South Mission with Pastor Leon Rich and his folks. The picture was taken after church while Bro. Marty Millikin was playing the piano with Kelly Jo, Sis. Teresa Webster and others looking on in awe.Yes, he was that good. Bro. Marty was hitting on all 8 cylinders that night (as he always was) and was tearing that piano up.

That picture reminds me to cherish those happy moments. That moment will never be recreated. Often after church we are rushing around trying to fellowship and in a few minutes we are rushing some where to eat. That night we took time to watch the master piano player work his magic while laughing and having a good time with his friends. Bro. Marty loved music but I think he loved people even more. 

This blurry iPhone picture reminds me to slow down and savor those moments and the friends involved in those moments for all they are worth. Those moments are worth so much more than all the distractions that pull on us.

It also reminds me of a funny story that we have told to lots of people but I have probably never told here. This story was a huge part of that wonderful night.

Bro. Marty visited revival at South Mission that night by himself. What he did not know was that Bro. Leon Rich had been teasing Odie about Bro. Marty coming to see her all week long. He came in a few minutes late and sat in the back of the church. Bro. Rich asked Bro. Marty to come to the platform and play the piano and sing. 

Bro. Marty was being is genuinely polite self and was saying he would give his time to our family. Bro. Rich insisted that he play and sing. Bro. Marty said, "I give all my time to Odie." Bro. Rich smiled and said right in front of God and everybody, "Bro. Marty, I think Sis. Odie would enjoy that." Odie was sitting on the platform and turning about 24 shades of red. It was hilarious.

Bro. Marty took all of the teasing well and came to the platform, sang, played and blessed our hearts that night. After the service they begged him back to the piano and they all played music for quite a while. It was a night we have cherished for four years and will continue to cherish for many more.

Lord, help me to slow down and enjoy the good things and good people you bring into my life. The good things fade and the good people leave us too soon.



  1. Only Leon can tease like that - I know first hand ha ha! Bro. Marty always had such a kind spirit - and in his own gentle way, could laugh at the best teasing:). I remember hearing about that night...thanks for such a reminder of a great friend...and the need to slow down and enjoy friendships and memories along the way. So appreciated this today - Tammy

  2. Bro. Leon gives Odie no rest and that is good. Bro. Marty was a perfect Christian gentleman and a super talented guy.

    Thanks for reading and taking time to leave a comment, Sis. Tammy. It is always great to hear from you.


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