Sunday, December 6, 2009


The Gospel Crusade

Tonight was the first night of the three night Gospel Crusade
behind Bro. Stephen Kuye's church, Landmark Christ Mission in Ibadan.
The crowd was very good and very responsive to the preaching. It is a
great place for the meeting because there are people all around and
many passing through the grounds.
It is our first time in Ibadan and we have been received with open
arms. May God bless these wonderful folks.
Please continue to pray that God will pour out his Spirit in the Crusade.
So many are bound but God is able to break the chains of sin.
Tomorrow we begin the Minister's Conference here in Ibadan. The
theme is Pentecost. Tomorrow's message is "The Fire That Falls". Pray
that it does fall on us.
Thanks for the emails and the comments.

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