Monday, January 10, 2022

Today In Local News!

Here is the skinny! (I think that is so funny coming from a fat guy!)

IF you pay attention to our schedule and Mile Markers and IF you keep up with where we are and where we are supposed to be, you know something is out of kilter. Since I know that many of you keep track of such things, I need to bring you up to date.

Originally we planned to leave from Taylor Mill last Monday and began moseying toward Gainesville, Texas. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then! I decided we needed a day of rest after eight days of preaching, so we came home Sunday night to rest Monday.

Monday afternoon, Bro. and Sis. King called from Gainesville to discuss the COVID situation in their church and area. We all decided it would be prudent to reschedule revival down the road and not begin on January 9 as planned.

We had other churches that likely would have been happy for us to move revival to their place on January 9, but we decided to wait until Tuesday to make plans. Late Monday night, KJo and Odie started feeling bad.

Testing for COVID seemed to be in order, even though we thought it unlikely that we had COVID. Kelly Jo and Odie have both been vaccinated and boosted. I had been vaccinated and tested very recently for natural antibodies, of which I had an abundance.

All three of us have had COVID, so surely we have some natural immunities that will help some. 

Plus, we had been very careful. We have been wearing masks in and out of the church and in public and carefully sanitizing our hands. We know that nothing can prevent COVID 100%, especially the Omicron variant apparently, but we were trying our best not to spread things from one church to another.

Odie tested negative. There is also a nasty cold making the rounds in this area. Odie either had that or she had a false negative. Either way, she felt pretty crummy for a couple of days and nights.

KJo also felt crummy for Monday and Tuesday and tested positive on Tuesday. I had a slight headache one day and also tested positive. After six days, I feel a barely noticeable tightness in my chest, but I have no cough, no congestion and no breathing problems.

We are praising God for light cases this time. I deserve nothing from the LORD, but I sure am glad he spared us the horrendous sickness we had last January and for months afterward. Hallelujah!!!

I think we have made it through and according to the latest guidance from the CDC, we are good to go now. Odie stayed secluded as well just to be safe.

We have been in contact with the Pastor of our next revival in Texas. If all is acceptable there midweek, we will try to roll the bus in that direction. It is over 1000 miles there, so the sooner we leave the better.

That is the skinny! Thank you for stopping by.


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