Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Careful As I Go One Step At A Time

Do you remember our physical recovery plan? Huh? Do you remember?

I remember. 

The plan when we began our fall tour was to preach partial week revivals during that tour and for most of next year, building my strength a little at a time. It seemed like a great plan.

Most of our revivals in the fall and early winter of 2021 were from midweek service, mostly Wednesday, through Sunday. Most of our revivals in 2022 are scheduled to begin on Sunday and run through Wednesday.

That gives us Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week to rest, recuperate, work on the bus as needed and travel to the next revival, not necessarily in that order.😁

Pastors have been very understanding with that approach and the strength we gained in the fall, gave us full hope that our program for full renewal might work. That left one thing to do. 

Stick with the plan, big boy!

Our schedule for the first of the year was to begin December 31 in northern Kentucky with Pastor Oliver in Taylor Mill and then make our way to Texas for three revivals and proceed from there. All the revivals would be partial weeks with the built-in time I discussed a few paragraphs above.

Then our Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland, told me that he wanted us to preach the revival at our home church between Christmas and New Year. I was super glad to do it and I did not even think for a second not to preach it.

AND I am super glad I did it. We had a very good week of services and I really enjoyed preaching at Dryden and being with our church family. We loved it and we appreciate the opportunity to preach at home.

We had a wonderful time at Dryden and we had a wonderful time at Taylor Mill! I was so blessed to be able to sing and preach and minister with God's wind in my sails. I felt good spiritually and I witnessed God touching people each night. 

We received several personal testimonies from people attending that were helped in the revivals and that is an incredible blessing to us. It is amazing how much God loves people and is willing to help when we call upon Him! 

Dryden streams on Mixlr and Taylor Mill streams on a video platform. Almost every night, we received texts or calls from listeners and viewers that heard the singing and the preaching and were encouraged. Praise God!

Starting the year with nine services in eight days at two different churches whipped me physically. I was more tired than I should have been when we finished and did as much of nothing as I could cram into a day on Monday. 

I am sadly confident that we will have at least a few COVID cancellations this year and we will have plenty of time to rest. Ugh!

In fact, after I typed most of this Mile Marker on Monday, we received news of our first revival postponement of the year. It is perfectly understandable in this new world we live in. I will tell you about it later in the week as we cement out contingency plans.

We will take this year as it comes and we will march forward by God's grace! We and the Microbus are ready to roll. Thank you for going with us!


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