Friday, January 7, 2022

Bitter Cold , Barns Old and Gratitude Bold

We purchased the BoggsMobile in late March 2008. From then until December 2014, we parked outside whenever we were home for Christmas or any other time. Can you see the Dodds Church van and the funnel cake trailer parked at the church next door about 200' away?

The van and red trailer are parked where we parked with permission for a week or two at a time for nearly seven years when we were home. We were grateful to have a place to park at home. That was a wonderful blessing. 

But the winter weather at Christmas was ridiculous. 

We have had frozen everything there more than one time. The challenge to keep the bus from freezing was about to drive me crazy and I had determined not to bring the bus home for Christmas ever again.

Then the property next door with the big red pole barn came up for sale and we jumped as quick as we could. The guy that rented the property was there one day and I went to talk to him. First, I wanted to make sure that he was not trying to buy it. I did not want to step in front of him.

Next, I wanted permission to measure the door. When the height measured 14', I nearly shouted. Do you have any idea how many perfect places we found for sale and the door was 10' or 12' and could not be raised without removing the roof and trusses?

We knew we had found a home for the BoggsMobile!

An individual stepped up and loaned us most of the money we needed to purchase the property and we have thanked God for them a thousand times. Everything has been completely paid for over a year and we are very thankful for that too.

We are so incredibly thankful for what we call The Lazy OD Ranch and especially thankful for the only building on it when we purchased the property in December 2014. That building is the red barn. It is a pole barn built in 1982.

It needed some structural work and a roof when we bought it. That and many other things have been done and there still remains a lot to be completed. I would love to eventually have it totally insulated and fairly airtight and maybe even heated. That is the end goal.

However, it was great the first day we pulled the bus inside in December 2014. 

It changed our lives for the good and removed a heavy burden from my shoulders. The bus is out of the wind and easy to heat while it is inside the barn.

What makes me think and write of this now? Good question. It is never too far from my mind, but winter has hit with a vengeance this week.

It was already cold and then it was 20 shortly after midnight Wednesday night and felt like 7. Yikes!

Thursday morning it was 15 about 8:30 AM and felt like 9. 

It was supposed to get to 23, but I do not think it did. By 5:00 Wednesday evening, it was 19, snowing and felt like 9.

Eventually, IF it stays this cold, the barn will get below freezing too. But at this point, it is still 37-38 degrees just inside the front door. I will take that any day over being outside in the cold, snow and wind!

I do not think the pipe will freeze, but I always have a lightbulb in the place where the water enters the barn underground. I usually turn the water off while we are gone in the winter just in case there is a break from a frozen pipe.

Can you see why we are thankful for this old barn? Praise God for a barn! Praise God for protection, provision and providence! God knew what we needed and had a guy build it for me in 1982 when  I was 15 years old!

Yep, I am sold on the providence of God enough to believe that!

I am thankful for you, too! Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today.


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