Monday, January 3, 2022

Taylor Mill, Kentucky - Revival In Pictures

We have lots of great pictures from our weekend revival at Taylor Mill Pentecostal Church in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. All four services were wonderful and the presence of the Lord was near us. He help us and He helped people in the altar. You can not ask for much more than that.

Yet, we did have more than that. We had great fellowship with the Taylor Mill folks. Their people have been so kind to us through the years and we have always loved being with them. 

One of the things I love is that they are so enjoyable to preach to. They are used to good preaching and that challenges me to be at my best. It also assures me that they are going to be attentive and help me preach. They did and I had so much fun!

Not only did we have a blast with the Taylor Mill people, but we had good friends and family visiting as well. I think Odie snapped some pictures of at least a few of them. It was kind of them to come and be with us.

I appreciate Pastor Chris Oliver inviting us to Taylor Mill for a few nights. He had asked us a few times to preach for them and I am so glad it worked out for these few services. He and his wife and family are really good people and we love being in service with them and the fellowship too.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures!


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