Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Updated below the original post:

You may find this hard to believe, I find it incredibly hard to believe myself. However I speak the truth.😇 

I was busy Monday night until late and hit the ground running this morning and completely forgot about writing  a mile marker. I picked up my phone at 10 minutes after 8 to make sure everything was posted as planned and realized at that moment, I had not planned anything.

I will get back to you later today by God’s grace. 


Can you believe that I forgot to write and post a Mile Marker this morning until after 8:10? How many years have I been doing this?How many nights have I typed after midnight? How many mornings have I crawled out of bed early to write a Mile Marker?

I should definitely be in the habit of writing and posting a Mile Marker each day without a doubt. But I COMPLETELY forgot!

Most of the day Sunday and all day Monday I was preparing to preach a funeral Tuesday afternoon in Waynesville. It was the funeral of a first cousin, Marty Boggs. Marty was 52 years old and his death has shaken us all.

His Mother asked me to preach the funeral and I was honored to do it. I wanted every word to be placed exactly right and I wanted the Lord to help every individual in attendance and watching online.

I worked until late Monday night and I worked more very early Tuesday morning. I suppose that task was taking so much of my brainpower that the responsibility for Mile Markers slipped and away and oozed out of my brain cells.

OR I am losing it quickly.😒😒🤣

Thank you for checking in today.


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