Friday, January 14, 2022

It Has Been Quite A Week

We are now 708 miles from the Lazy OD Ranch and we have about 325 miles to go. The BoggsMobile is running and driving great and we are very thankful for that. Praise God!

The generator is running fine, but we are still having voltage problems with it. With the cold weather, we need to run the generator overnight for heat and to preheat the bus engine in the morning.

I had intended to leave very early Thursday morning so that we could get through Nashville, before rush hour traffic. I was up and wide awake, but we could not get the bus out without removing the Jeep. 

We like to park in the RV spots at Flying J, but cars, vans, RVs and semis park in all directions at times. That is the only downside and we deal with it as it comes. It was really no problem to wait a few hours.

Even though we did not roll until about 8:30 AM, we were able to skirt around Nashville without too much traffic. We drove 264 miles to a rest area west of Memphis and rested about 90 minutes.

After resting, we drove to a rest area near Malvern, Arkansas where I am typing this Mile Marker. We ended the day with 435 total miles under our wheels. That is a lot of miles for us right now, but the 90 minutes of rest made it possible.

I received an absolutely positively wonderful reward for all my effort Thursday. KJo's Taco Bus is back in business! yay!

Hopefully, we will get very close to Livingston, Texas tomorrow.

Odie has a few pictures for you today and I have thrown in a few as well. Thank you for dropping in.


Kelly's Dad and Mom came to the Ranch Wednesday and helped us get ready to roll. It is always great to have them around and we appreciated the assistance.

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