Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Word For Wednesday It Is More Blessed To Give, God's Design For Finance

It is time for A Word For Wednesday. A Few minutes ago, I posted A Word for Wednesday on our YouTube Channel.

Today's episode of A Word For Wednesday was recorded early in 2021 and held for this time. This lesson and the two that follow it are about Christian giving.

At the time they were recorded, we were home, sick and not working. We did not want anyone to think we were working an angle to get people to give to us. So we saved these lessons for now.

We NEVER want anyone to feel we are asking for something or that we think we deserve something from you. We are thankful to be part of God's family and to work in His vineyard. God has been so good to us and we love sharing His message.

The truth of Christian giving and the joy of giving is an amazing truth that everyone needs to know. Jesus is quoted as saying It is more blessed to give than to receive and He has been proven to be true over and over!

We hope you enjoy this three-part series and decide to share it with others.

Today I am spending a few moments on the first part of a sermon called, "It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive-Living By Giving." Part One is God's Design For Finance.

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today.


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