Thursday, March 18, 2021

Okay, Buy Another One!

Have you lost a tool, utensil or another item that you often need? I can tell you how to find it. Hurry out as fast as you can and buy another one just like it. The lost one will come looking for you and knock on your door within days.

I call this tool in the picture below a Hammer Hanger. It goes by different names, but that is the name that stuck with me. I hang my hammer in it while I am working.

I slide my tool belt or regular belt through the slits in the leather and the hammer handle goes into the metal ring. It allows my hammer to be within reach while I am working.

I believe I purchased the one above in late 1993. It had about 3-5 years of daily use and it has been used sporadically since then, sometimes weeks at a time. It spent most of its life sitting on a shelf or in a box, waiting to go to work.

Until it was lost for the last 2 1/2+ years. 

In the spring of 2017, I put it on my belt and went to work on the house. I wore it and used it nearly every day that I worked until the project was finished in August 2018.

As the work was winding down, I lost it. I searched high and low, but I figured it might show up eventually in a box of leftover material or in the barn somewhere. I would mention it once in a while as I was going through tools and such.

I looked diligently for the hammer hanger while working on the project in my tool crib that I mentioned a last week. I did not find it, but I fixed that the next time we went to Home Depot. KJo helped me to remember and I purchased two replacement hammer hangers.

Fast forward to this week. One of Odie's kitchen cabinet drawers malfunctioned. It would not close completely. It almost seemed like something was in the back keeping it from closing. After further inspection, contortion and wrestling by our resident skinny repairman, do you know what KJo found?

Yep, you guessed it.

The long-lost hammer hanger has come back. AND it arrived home less than one week after I bought another one! I should have purchased a replacement two years ago and the old one would have shown up sooner.

I have the receipt for the replacements I bought. I suppose  I could return them, but I would hate for the old one to get the word and run again.

I will keep all three. I almost guarantee you, I will not be able to find one at some point in the future.

Thank you for dropping by Mile Markers today.



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