Friday, March 5, 2021

Keeping The Plan Moving and Flexible

Thank you for the positive feedback on yesterday's post. I appreciate your kindness. When I am typing away at the keyboard, I have no idea who will be reading or how my words will be accepted. It is always nice to find that a post has been well received. Thank you again.

We had planned to try to record a service Thursday or stream a live service. I am to blame for not getting it done. My Dad, KJo and I worked on a barn project a couple hours Wednesday and about five hours Thursday. By the time we were finished, I was not ready to try to have service.

I am resting today, mostly, and we will try to have a revival service tonight, Friday. We are thinking of streaming live, but either way, we plan to have service at 8:00 PM Eastern. I hope you will try to join us and "bring" a few hundred of your closest friends.

Kelly Jo suggested something to me Thursday that may be true. In order to take the proper time to recover completely, we may need to go somewhere else besides here at home. When I was too sick to get out of the bus, I was fine. 

I am not well enough to hit the road and preach every night, but I am well enough to get out of the bus and be a little more active. The problem with that is there are a million things that need to be done here and they are things I want to do and have been waiting for time to do.

Now I have the time, but I am not really able to do all the things that need to be done. Getting better over the next four or five weeks is my main priority, but letting all these projects go, may be an impossibility for me.

KJo said I may be better off driving someplace else, getting more rest and having church online when possible, even if I could only drive a short distance each day.

She might be correct. She usually is.

In the mean time, we are pressing on. We are going to try to sing and preach three nights in a row next week. Pastor Kelly Rogers next door at Dodds Church has asked us to preach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

He understands that we may not be able to do it and that he may have to take up the slack. He is not putting pressure on us at all and the folks at Dodds will understand completely if I need to cut the preaching short.

I had hoped to have three nights of revival in a row next week as the next step in our plan, so moving it next door to the church is not a stretch. I will try to find a position for my phone to stream our part of the services IF possible. That will be March 8-10, Monday-Wednesday.

Thank you for stopping by Mile Markers today. I sure appreciate it.


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