Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Do We Have An Early Verdict?

There is no A Word For Wednesday post today. Preaching this week and day to day responsibilities have kept me hopping and I have not had time to record for Wednesday. IF I get a chance to record today, I will throw it up, but I can not see it happening.

You probably know that this three night revival next door at Dodds Church has been a test. Am I able to sing and preach three nights in a row? I have preached one night at a time in our Beach Cottage studio, but can I preach night after night? That is the test.

What Is the verdict?

After two nights, I think the verdict is mostly in. Even though I have felt great spiritually and decent physically while preaching, I have not felt great afterward. I wanted to feel great. I have tried to will myself to feel great, but the truth is the truth.

I do not wish to go into details, but it is obvious to me, I am not ready to do even three nights in a row. To hit the road like we always have, I need to be able to do 5-7 nights in a row, week after week. 

I am not even close to that and that is not even considering bus work, traveling, handling sound equipment and all the other physical aspects. We are still in the process of figuring out what that means for our schedule in the next few months and when we know, you will know shortly after.

We do have one more night of revival so maybe we will have a drastic change tonight. God is able! I am persuaded He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day!

Thank you for praying for us and I would appreciate you continuing to pray. We know that God hears and listens!


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