Monday, March 22, 2021

Weekend Write Up 3/22/21

Before I can give the weekend rundown, I need to go back a few days. Pastor Philip Hoskins invited us to sing and preach Wednesday night at Corwin Pentecostal Church and we were glad to go. I was not able to preach much, but I preached a few minutes and the people were gracious to receive what I could give.

I appreciate the opportunity to minister at Corwin. I was raised one mile from Corwin and the church had a great impact on my life as a child and as a young person.

I also appreciate the opportunity to exercise my lungs in preaching. I am not quite able to pull it off yet, but I will never know when I am ready if I do not keep trying. I have been healed many times while I was preaching and I know that could happen again at any moment.

Odie took some great pictures.

Thursday afternoon we were blessed to have a visit from our dear friend Renae Coffman and her daughter Jacqueline and granddaughter Albany. We love Renea and her daughters and little Albany so much and we loved getting to spend time with them. 

It was so fun to have our friends for lunch and a short visit. It was quite a treat for us. May God bless them for taking time for us.

The Friday highlight was a short online revival service focusing on special prayer for those that needed miracles. I was so thrilled to hear from a few people that told us God touched them and helped them during prayer time. Hallelujah!

I also ask for people in the service to pray for me. I lost some ground in my lungs last week and I need the Lord's help. I need a miracle. Earlier Friday afternoon I had a small measure of improvement and I have held that over the weekend, but I need a miracle. I would appreciate you praying for me.

Friday and Saturday were spent mostly preparing for preach and for A Word For Wednesday. Both days were pretty good and the weather Saturday, the first day of spring, was beautiful!

Sunday was another beautiful spring day. The Sunshine was so nice. I could really get used to warm weather and bright sunshine!

Sunday evening we drove down to Sharonville Free Holiness Church in the Cincinnati area to preach for Pastor Randy Brown and his folks. We love being in service in Sharonville. They make it so easy to preach.

On this visit, I did not even have to preach a full sermon. We were singing "He's Got It All In Control" and the Lord began to move among the people and draw them into the altar. It was a wonderful service!

The is our weekend write up on Mile Markers. Thank you for stopping by.


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