Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Thirteen Years And Still Rolling

You know that we are all about special dates on Mile Markers and the week is a very special week for the BoggsMobile. I think it is appropriate to begin with a few pictures of the BoggsMobile. 

If you dislike pictures of beautiful buses, go ahead and scroll down for more words.😍😎

Sunday was the thirteen year anniversary of the day we purchased the 1995/1996 Prevost XL Vantare and drove it into the sunset. At times it was the best day of my life and other times it was the worst day of my life and both those emotions welled up inside me numerous times on March 21, 2008.

Whew! It was a rough day. Thankfully the reality proved to be somewhere in the middle of those two emotional mood swings. Along the way, the bus became the BoggsMobile and we are thankful it became such a huge part of our life.

People always ask me why I say 1995/1996. Well, like most buses professionally converted into motorhomes, the years often run together. 

It is not unusual for a bus chassis to be manufactured and titled in one year and the conversion finished in the next year. In fact, it is not terribly uncommon for the conversion completion to be two model years after the chassis.

The bus is retitled to match the conversion. For example, the BoggsMobile chassis was built in early 1995 in Canada and the conversion was completed in Sanford, Florida in late 1995 and was titled as a 1996. For the state of Ohio and the insurance, it is a 1996, when ordering bus parts, it is a 1995.

Clear as mud, right?

I have written recently about the mileage on the BoggsMobile, so I will spare you that for now. I will say for my records, that the mileage stands at 388,353 on the thirteenth anniversary.

Here are the pictures we took on the day we purchased the BoggsMobile. More words below.

Those pictures were from March 21, 2008, thirteen years and two days ago.

Thank you for spending some time with us today.



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