Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Keys To The Gold

We received a package since we have been home and even though it was not Christmas, it felt like it!😍

In the picture below you will see a neat wooden box nearly the length of my hand with piano keys and a musical note.

It has a small wooden key that you remove to "unlock" it. Then the keyboard top slides off to reveal a lid.

You pick up up the lid to access the inside of the box.

On the inside of the box was a metal Jeep Grand Cherokee key chain.

That is so cool!

You may remember this from 2019?

Our friends, Bro. Galen and Sis. Joy Cummins sent me the Green Machine for my key chain. It is still there even though the Scion xB is no longer the main car.

Thanks to Bro. Galen and Sis. Joy, I now have a Jeep Grand Cherokee to put on my key chain. It is already fastened to the key fob. Of course, this time I also have a beautiful box to store all my gold bullion cubes, as soon as they arrive by armored shipment. 

Now I am sorry I showed you how to open the box!😜

Thank you for stopping by, friends!


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