Thursday, April 1, 2021

Grass Is Growing

The temperatures have taken a nose dive yesterday and today. It was below 30 last night and will struggle to get to 38 today. We had a very cool and wet spring last year while we were home during the lockdown. I am sure hoping this year is more spring-like!

Thankfully, it was a beautiful day Tuesday. Dad came Tuesday morning and mowed the grass for the first time. It was already nine or ten inches tall in some places on March 30. That is difficult to believe.

I have never been one to stay in one place long enough for the grass to grow much under me, but I suppose my ways are changing for a bit. The grass is growing.

While Dad was here he helped us remove the bus from the barn, do the work of the evangelist, get the bus into the barn and get everything hooked back up. None of it is really hard work, but it must be done step by step.

I could not have done it without KJo and my Dad. I have plenty of strength to do what I need, but I do not have the breath or stamina. I am trying very hard to follow the advice of people that know much more than I do and take it easy.

I did climb the stairs to my study today and spent a few hours up there, using oxygen. My levels stayed up good and I enjoyed being surrounded by so many of my dear friends (books).

Odie is still doing well and Kelly Jo is as pretty and as hard working as ever. Thank you for praying for us and thank you for stopping by Mile Markers. Have a super great day.