Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Revival Service Tonight By God's Grace

I wrote about having a plan a few days ago. I laid out plan A and then mentioned plan B in passing at the end of the post. Interestingly, absolutely everyone that contacted me about that post encouraged us and pushed us toward plan B. Definitely something to think about!😍

We are going to try to record a revival service for our YouTube Channel sometime today. If we can get it done, we will plan to make it live at 8:00 PM eastern.

We are recording the service rather than doing it live, because I really do not know if I can get enough air to sing and preach a whole service. The whole thing is a test and are praying that we can do it. If we can do one, then maybe we may try to do two or three over the weekend.

IF that works, then a week or so later, we may try a few more in a row and slowly build up from there.

Thank you for praying for us as we move forward. I appreciate you dropping in today.


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