Monday, April 27, 2020

What's Up Weekend?

Good Monday Morning, friends!

Look at these mushrooms my parents found. Notice the base of the mushroom in my Mother's left hand. Amazing!

You already know we took a Sunday drive in the BoggsMobile on Friday.

Odie took a picture of this guy flying over.

We parked the bus outside the barn because I wanted to complete a few projects inside the barn over the course of a few rainy days. The weatherman missed his guess Saturday for sure. It did not begin sprinkling until after 5:00 in the afternoon, but I did get a little work done inside.

The landing on the stairway upstairs in the barn has never had a permanent railing and it certainly needed one. First I had to clear the scaffolding and get the platform into the right position. A little figuring here and a little notching there and this is where it ended for the day. Beautiful? Nah, but it is a barn!😎

I will finish the railing down the stairs in a bit.

KJo was helping me AND working on straightening a few things in the barn. Since we built the house, the barn has never been the same. We have a ways to go, including removing house construction debris, but we are on the way. It is hard to keep a place straight when you normally live there only a week at a time.😁

KJo's parents and my parents came for a socially distant visit in the afternoon. We sat outside and drank a little salsa from Acapulco. This is the first time we have seen Kelly's parents since Christmas and the first time we have sat down and visited with my parents since we have been home. It was a good afternoon and it was great to see them all.

I still had one final chore Saturday before revival service. I took Dad's truck to Waynesville to pick up a trailer from my cousin's husband and then to my cousin Gerald's to pick up his tractor. 

Long time readers will recognize this tractor. Gerald stored it here at my barn the first 3+ years we owned the barn. Now it is coming back to the barn for a while for storage and we hope to use it today to remove some fence posts. It is for sale and I would love to buy the tractor and its attachments in the future. We will see.

I was excited to get to "church" Saturday night. We have been remodeling the church each week, but his week we completely relocated the church. At Odie's invitation, we moved right into her living room.

Her living room is at the end of a great room that includes the living room, kitchen, dining room and entryway. While I am singing and preaching, I am looking at the fridge, stove and kitchen table! I can see if Odie has supper on the stove!😅

What a difference a day makes. I spent the day Sunday listening and watching several services. When I stepped outside to walk up to Odies in the afternoon I was surprised at the weather. It was cold, windy, raining and bitter. What happened to spring?

I did have a good lunch though!

Sunday night was singalong night and we had a good time again. We are praising God for His wonderful help! I can barely wait to see what the Lord is going to do in revival service tonight!

Sunday Night we even had visitors sitting in their car outside listening to revival service.

Thank you for stopping by today.


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