Monday, April 20, 2020

What's Up, Weekend?

More church and more tacos! Those are two ingredients to a wonderful weekend!

That just about completely sums up the weekend and what a mighty fine weekend it was. We appreciate the tremendous vocal support for the online revival. We are praising God every day for His help and encouragement. HE is blessing others and HE is blessing us and together we are having revival. Hallelujah!

We changed things up a little bit over the weekend from previous weekends of the online revival. We have been having Sunday night singalong, but this weekend we had Saturday night singalong. 

That is one advantage of doing something outside of the box. Outside of the box, there is no pattern. There are no precedents. There are no traditions. There are no sacred cows. We can pretty much go with the flow and change as necessary. 

This weekend we did just that and the next few nights are a bit different too. We are still in revival, but we are also having revival via Live Stream at High Point Pentecostal Church in Paducah, Kentucky. Pastor Doug Stevens and his church will be having service online from their sanctuary, with congregational singing and all the rest.

When he turns the service to us, we will sing a couple of songs and move straight into preaching as we normally do (At least it USED to be normal) in our regular revivals back in the old world 6 weeks ago.

When you tune in to Boggs Family Ministries on YouTube and Mixlr, you will hear our part of the service, two songs and then preaching. I will not be leading a worship service this week as I have the previous 4 weeks of revival, because they are conducting their own worship service.

I think it got off to a good start last night and we are looking forward to the rest of the week. Thank you for the positive feedback. We are listening.

I do have a few pictures from the weekend. I mentioned tacos didn't I?

Look what Odie and a few of the viewers found last night.

Pastor Stevens said we had a special guest, Miss Minnie Pearl!

That wraps up the weekend. See you tonight at 8:00 for revival.


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