Thursday, April 16, 2020

Oops! A Glitch!

I had a post ready to go up today, but it will save. We had a hiccup last night at the beginning of the revival service. We always turn on Mixlr first and make sure it is live and then turn on the YouTube feed. That is where the trouble began.

I am using a third party App on my iPhone. That is what you must do in order to Livestream on YouTube with less than 1000 subscribers. We are less than 300 subscribers from that plateau.

Last night the third party App said the Livestream was on, but when I checked YouTube on my laptop, there was no Livestream. The third party App would quit recording after about 45 seconds. Ugh!

I tried it multiple times with the same result. I tried closing the App and even tried cycling the phone off and back on. No difference. After about 12 minutes of fiddling with it, I decided to record the service and post it later. About an hour or so after service, I had the video posted.

We disappointed a lot of folks that were ready to have church and we are sorry for that. I hate it so bad! Last night I had to shake myself, step up and have church and I believe the Lord helped us to do so.

We are trying to get to the bottom of the glitch and find out what we must do to prevent a reoccurrence. Pray for me IF you will.

Here is the clip from last night. I hope you enjoy. Please share with others, since folks that missed it may not know to come here to look for it. This is the sharable link, Boggs Family Wednesday Night.

Thank you for reading.


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