Sunday, April 19, 2020

It is Sunday! 4/19/2020

Our Sunday post is normally short and sweet, snap a picture and out the door we go, but since our view out the front window is unchanging lately, how about a few words?😀

We are continuing online revival tonight and all next week, but we are also having revival via Live Stream at High Point Pentecostal Church in Paducah, Kentucky. Pastor Doug Stevens and his musicians will be having service in their sanctuary, with congregational singing and all the rest.

When he turns the service to us, (In Odie's garage) we will sing a couple of songs and move straight into preaching as we normally do (At least it USED to be normal) in our regular revivals back in the old world 6 weeks ago.

This means the services this week will be slightly different. At 8:00 PM Eastern we will be joining their service in progress and we will roll right on through the end of the service. When you tune in to Boggs Family Ministries on YouTube and Mixlr, you will hear our part of the service, two songs and then preaching. 

I will not be leading a worship service during the service like I have the previous 4 weeks of revival, because they are conducting their own worship service. I hope you will continue to join us. I am excited about continuing revival AND about joining with High Point Pentecostal Church and Pastor Doug Stevens.

Here is our service from last night, Saturday Night Singalong.

May God bless you with a great Sunday.


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