Thursday, April 30, 2020

No Fences

God Picks Up Lost Coins

No Fences
The property that is now the Lazy OD Ranch was originally three lots. The lot farthest east was a 75 foot wide lot with a house and then two 100 foot lots. This three lot property was bought and sold several times in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The last owner built a pole barn for his business in 1982 on one of the 100 foot lots. At some point, many years ago, he sold the house and kept the two lots that we purchased from his widow in December 2014. She had been renting out the barn and the fence at the road and toward the church had fallen into disrepair.

Shortly after we bought the property, my Dad removed the fence in between the church and our property. It was falling down and it was dangerous to stand next to the fence. The fence by the road was in better shape. My cousin Lisa painted that fence and it looked great.

Alas, five+ years later we needed to make a decision. It was time to either remove the front fence or put some time and money into it. We decided to take it out and take it out we did.

We removed most of the fence boards last week. Most of them were spongy and the boards easily pulled away from the nails on the posts.

Monday we cut the remaining fence boards and removed the posts with the tractor.

Yep, that is KJo the tractor driver. Is there anything that girl can not do?

Tuesday was supposed to be a rainy day but finally the weather guessers missed the forecast in our favor! We took advantage of the sunshine and filled in the holes from the fence posts with some small gravel I had in a pile.

This will be a whole lot easier to mow!

Tomorrow we will have a few pictures from the week in revival. See you then, by God's grace.


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