Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Walking Day In The Capital of New Zealand

It seems difficult to believe that we are still in the online revival, but it seems harder to shut down than it was to get started. That is not a bad problem to have.😂😂

A Walking Day In The Capital of New Zealand
Kelly and I enjoyed a wonderful sunshiny day in Wellington, New Zealand. This was on Saturday, March 14.

We rode a shuttle into town, walked through downtown to a Cable Car that was completed in 1902. It was built as a passenger transport up the steep hill of the city and over the years became a tourist attraction.

We rode the car up, toured the museum at the top and walked down through the Botanical Garden on the way back to town. It was a beautiful day and KJo and I enjoyed a wonderful leisurely day.

KJo on an old car in the museum.

Overlooking the city

We found a car similar to the Green Machine. It is not called a Scion xB, but it is basically the same car under a different badge And the driver sitting on the wrong side of the car.😉

Once we were finished with our downward trek, we walked along the boardwalk and took in the sunshine.

An unusual coffee shop

Wow! What a beautiful nation and we did not even scratch the surface. We sure enjoyed our day in the capital city of Wellington. We thought we had a few more stops in New Zealand, but the truth was we only had one more. I will document that day in Napier on a later day.

Thank you for stopping by for a spell today.


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