Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Sunday Drive On Friday

Friday morning we had one thing on the agenda. The forecast was for a beautiful spring day without rain and we wanted to take advantage of it. The BoggsMobile had been sitting in one place long enough and it was time to get it out and let it run. 

We were excited to take a Sunday drive!

When we came home 34 days before, I knew this mess could on a while, but I did not expect the bus to sit this long. I had filled up the tank with diesel about 400 miles before, but if the bus is going to sit long term, I want the tank as full as possible.

My plan was to crank the bus, "Do the work of the evangelist" and then drive to a Love's truck stop about 35 miles away. I was going to Love's for two reasons. One, I get a pretty good discount at Love's and I wanted to do some interstate driving so the bus could open up and run. Everything worked pretty much to plan.

I have an exhaust hose for the bus, but no exhaust outlet on the barn. I hook the end to the muffler and run the end out and put the fan in the door. This keeps the fumes down plenty good enough to let the bus get warm and air up.

On the road again!

There is a happy girl!

We have been parked inside the barn since coming home, but with warmer weather, we decided to park outside for a while. That also gives me space to work in the barn. I have a couple of small projects to complete and the bus was in the way for one of them.

The rest of the day was consumed by practicing and getting ready for church. I am praising God for His help in the service last night. Hallelujah! We are looking forward to a great service tonight and a terrific Sunday.


Last night's service


  1. BroDavy, glad Your bus got some excerise although for some reason Your caption wasn't available last night NIGHT #33 ?/?


    1. Bro. Frankie, I was surprised that the captions were working properly a few nights ago and I am equally surprised that they are not working now. I am stumped both ways, but I will check the settings again.



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