Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Ray of Sunshine

This weekend we are finishing our fourth week of online revival and we are loving every minute of it. Come join us each night at 8:00 PM Eastern.

A Ray of Sunshine
We all need something to help us smile! A child can brighten the darkest day. Children are a precious blessing from God! I am grateful for the breath of fresh air they bring to my world.

Earlier this month I posted about my cousin Chalie. You can find that post here. Charlie has a big cousin that is just a little older than him. Jo Jo lives here in Ohio, and she is our family princess!

Jo Jo is getting to be so big. She is a lot of fun! I was able to be with her several times last month before the world shut down. I am happy that she was warming up to me. The last time that I saw her she said "Hi O"! I officially melted! I miss her so much right now. 

I did get some good pictures of Jo when we were together. Her mom sent me some cute pictures recently. Thanks, Taylor, for giving me permission to share them. Uncle Steve also keeps me smiling with pictures of Jo Jo. I am glad that I can look at this precious girl and smile. 

Today I wanted to cheer you up. I hope these pictures bring you a smile too. Please enjoy the pictures of "Princess JoJo below!"

Thanks for visiting with me! I pray God blesses you this weekend. Hang in there, my dear friends!


Here she was thinking about what she could get into next.

Snacks With Papa Great are the best.

Jo discovered my wheelchair.

Jo thought Papa Great had to carry her doggy and she had her baby.

She loves to FaceTime Charlie and Aunt D.

Giving Nana Great some love.

Naptime on Mamaw.

Then she decided to snuggle with Auntie O. I was shocked and thrilled!

These two pictures are from Taylor.


Jo and her Mother were both glad for a sunny day and a break from the house.

These two pictures are from her Papaw, which is my Uncle Steve. I said she was a cool dudet in this picture.

I know that my Dad already posted this one. I cried when I saw this picture of JoJo worshipping during the online revival. It is a good place to wrap this up.

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