Friday, April 3, 2020

Revival In Pictures Waynesville, Ohio Second Week

We have some great pictures from revival and many of them came from you. Some of these are from late last week, over the weekend and the rest are from this week in revival. I love getting these. Thank you so much for sending them in. Y'all are really great sports!

From Sis. Hope Simpson McCoy- Georgia 
Tuned in. Enjoying the cool breeze here in south GA.

From Sis. Zandy Martin- Oklahoma. Listening in around the campfire!  

From Bro. Jason Morris and Family- 
Amen!!! We got y’all on our big screen in the living room. Lol!! 

From. Bro. Larry Landress - Oklahoma. 

From. Sis. Ambria Snell- Riverdale, California sent in Sunday afternoon. Getting us some extra church today ♥️♥️♥️♥️

The Zerble’s- Neosho, Missouri. 
Love the Coronavirus Campmeeting! So needed this. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS ❤️

The Woods- Harriman, Tennessee. 
From Sis. Margaret, Herman watching. 

From Derrick Haddox.

Becky Bowman in Tennessee. 
Great job!!! 
Love y'all. 
Praying for y'all!!!

The Seth and Celeste Holm Family- Fresno, California. Enjoying revival again tonight!!! 😍

The Shiflett’s in Virginia. 
Frankie listening to the Revival, what a blessing each night. Stay safe!  

From Odie

Shane and Shelby in Oklahoma

Michelle in Ohio 

Adrianny and her brother have been listening in Brazil.

My cousin Delmer

The Henderson's in Mississippi

Andrew and Bethany Holm from California sent these.

The yard was in bad need of cutting, so we tackled that Thursday. This is definitely a picture you do not see much in Revival In Pictures.

This is a behind the scenes look at revival in the garage. An iPad that is recording for Mixlr and a laptop that is monitoring the picture on YouTube sit on a case about 4-5 feet in front of the Bible Stand.

My iPhone is placed on a stand just to the left of the case above. It provides the YouTube feed.

On the Bible Stand is another older iPad that I use to control the sound system and my newer iPad I use for a songbook and preaching notes.

The sound system with an old iPhone with a spider web screen. I use this phone to play music through for the beginning of the Mixlr feed.

Our little temporary church.

I am using one speaker for a monitor and another speaker for ambient sound.

Thursday evening was the official end of our 14 day isolation quarantine. We are going to continue to isolate from our family and everyone else for a few more days, but we did feel the liberty to slip out to the laundromat for a late night visit. Trust me, it was essential!😉

Thank you for joining us for Revival In Pictures. Did you enjoy all the pictures that were sent in? I sure enjoyed them.


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  1. Love it! Thanks again for the wonderful revival. We've tuned in every night we could (and have caught the re-post for most of those we couldn't hear live) and have thoroughly enjoyed it.


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