Tuesday, February 4, 2020

200,000 Mile Marker

Saturday evening I took this picture of the odometer on the Green Machine.

Can you read it? 

200197 driving miles on the Envy Green 2006 Scion Xb. The odometer rolled over to 200,000 miles the previous Saturday, January 25, on the way back to Sweeny after fetching Odie at the airport. For some reason, a picture on the 200,000 mile mark alluded us, but it really did happen.

We purchased the Green Machine in May 2012 with around 74,000 miles on it. We had driven 26,000 miles and rolled the odometer to 100,000 by Thanksgiving Day 2013.

We were averaging 1370 miles per month those first 18 months and I wrote then that if we kept that average, I predicted the Green Machine would roll over to 200,000 miles on the odometer around  73 months later about the first of January, 2020.

Wow! I did not miss it by much.

By February 2018 the Green Machine had 174,000 total miles and we had put on 100,000 thousand of them. Our average per month was running higher and it looked like we would hit 200,000 in the summer of 2019. Evidently, our average took a dip again and it took until January 2020 as I predicted 100,000 miles before.

Although the little Green Machine has given us a little trouble in the last year, the 200,000 Mile Marker is a pretty big deal. Counting the miles the Green Machine has been pulled behind the bus, it probably has considerably over 360,000 rolling miles. Not bad at all.

We have put some money into it over the last year, plus some big preventative maintenance the year before, so we would like to roll it down the road a little longer. It is hard to imagine 300,000 on the odometer of the Green Machine, but if it makes it, we should hit it the mark about April 2026. We will keep you posted.

We praise God for a good running car! Thank you for tuning in today.


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