Monday, February 17, 2020

What's Up, Weekend?

We have a few pictures from lunch on Friday and a few from the last night of revival Friday night. We had a great service Friday. I think we were still flying high from the way God touched us on Thursday night.

After church Friday night, the men jumped in and helped us take down our sound equipment and get it loaded in the Green Machine. One of the families from the church that lives close to the campground volunteered to carry a few pieces of the gear in their vehicle and followed us there.

With all of the help, the work was completed quickly and without any problems. We appreciate the help. In fact, we appreciate all that Pastor Eddy Sullivan and the Bibleway church have done for us the past week. It was very good to be with them again and we look forward to next time.

We only had about 100 miles to drive Saturday so we did not have to be in a hurry. I went outside about 9:30 and did the work of the evangelist. We are not often parked right next to the sewer receptacle with good access to water and nice outside temperature. All three things were in place Saturday morning so I took advantage of the situation and rinsed the black tank a few times before cranking the BoggsMobile.

I cranked the bus about 10:30 and less than 15 minutes later, KJo was backing out of the camping spot and into the gravel road. I had to wiggle out of the campground, but we made it without major incident.

Normally we would hook up the car at that point, but I took the bus to Cedar Creek solo. The girls took the car and stopped along the way to do a little shopping. The drive was routine, but it was not fun and games for everyone. I did spot a guy working hard Saturday morning.

Quite a haul on Saturday morning!

I arrived at Cedar Creek Church about 1:30, parked, hooked up the utilities and carried in the sound equipment. The girls arrived at 6:00 and we set up all the sound equipment before getting ready for bed.

Sunday morning the sunshine of Saturday had been replaced by cold and rain, but the Lord was still shining down on Cedar Creek. We had two wonderful amazing services. God really did visit us in a special way and it was a blessing to behold.

Odie took a few pictures Sunday at Cedar Creek.

Cedar Creek Church has their second Sunday service at 2:00 PM so we were finished for the day by 4:00. Although we had received great things from the Lord in both services, we had planned on slipping in on some long term friends Sunday evening and that is what we did.

If you read our Mile Markers on a regular basis, you may have noticed that one particular couple shows up at a lot of our revivals in south Alabama and south Mississippi. They have been coming to our revivals for well over 10 years and they are very faithful.

They Pastor a church that is less than 10 miles from Cedar Creek as a crowbar flies IF you can throw a crowbar that far. It took us about 25-30 minutes to wiggle our way through the woods to St. Thomas Assembly.

I think we were really able to surprise Pastor Eddie Stringfellow and his dear wife. Here they are from earlier this year at Forts Lake.

Bro. Stringfellow on the right with Bro. CD Cauley.

Sis. Stringfellow, a very faithful reader of our Mile Markers.

I am sure you recognize them now. They have shown up in pictures on Mile Markers in at least 7-8 places. We finally were able to show up at their church and surprise them. Here are a few pictures from Sunday night.

We enjoyed being there, singing and preaching Sunday evening. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day of enjoying the blessings of the Lord!

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for joining us today.


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