Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Wild Game Supper In Ellisville, Mississippi

The wild game supper in Ellisville is an annual event that serves as a fundraiser for the Ellisville First Assembly Academy. Pastor Kenny Morris, Pastor Andy Stringfellow and the church started the Christian school several years ago and the wild game supper began shortly thereafter. We love being a part of it every time we can.

I have been to a few wild game suppers that had deer prepared a few different ways and maybe a piece of wild hog. The food was good and we all had a good time, but it was nothing like the wild game supper at Ellisville.

This is a big deal! The men hunt and fish and then work hard to prepare all of the food. The women jump in just like the men and it all combines to be a fantastic event. The food is great tasting and plentiful and the atmosphere is fun and exciting.

The cooking begins early in the week, but by Thursday night and early Friday morning, the men and women are hard at work on multiple grills, skillets, stoves, mixers and I do not know what else. By Friday afternoon there are several fryers blazing with fish, chicken, quail, alligator and more.

It really is an amazing sight to behold and we love every second of it. The food Friday night was tremendous. The crowd was fantastic and the fun was over the top.

I think I sampled just about every meat that was cooked although I did avoid most of the fried versions. The grilled alligator was some of my favorite and the deer tenderloin wrapped in bacon was right up there with it. The grilled quail was great and the wild hog was as good as I have ever had.

The coon stew was excellent too. Going over the pictures, the one thing I missed was the grilled rabbit. I know that I love rabbit, so I know I would have liked that. 

There were also all varieties of vegetables and desserts, but I avoided all of that in favor of the meat. What part of "Wild Game Supper" implies filling up on veggies?!😀 I ate all my vegetables second hand. I ate animals that eat vegetables!

I guess you can gather from my writing so far that I enjoyed the wild game supper. You should come next year. I do not know what in the world they would do if several million of you showed up for the wild game supper. The food might be mighty sparse, but if a few million of you donated a hundred dollars each, the school funding would probably be in fine shape for a few years!

I know they would squeeze in and may room for a few of you! I MIGHT even share my alligator with you. You know it is comforting to eat an animal that would eat you if given the chance. It feels a little victorious.

If you are a vegetarian with a slight militant edge, do not waste your efforts in spamming my inbox with breathless and enraged complaints. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Thank you very much for stopping by today. Please enjoy the pictures from the wild game supper.


Sis. Tina Stringfellow worked tirelessly all day with a smile.


  1. Bro.Davy, "I ate all my vegetables second hand. I ate animals that eat vegetables!", that expression really took the cake with the works, ice-cream & etc. Was a regular winner all the way around & I'm definitely am going to use that excuse forever more hereafter, TXS! again&again !~!

    Frankie Shiflett


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