Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday - Road Pictures from 2007

I found a few more noteworthy pictures from our trip to Montana and back with my parents in 2007. I had forgotten that KJo took a bunch of pictures as we were going down the road. Most of them are of old homesteads and barn, but you also find a few animals, a mailbox, a small camper and even an old bus.

We love the view out on the open road and these pictures from the fall of 2007 sure make us want to see some of these sites again. There are some old houses and barns that we have noticed and commented on for nearly 30 years of travel and watched them deteriorate a little more each time we pass.

We often wonder about the families that lived there. How many kids climbed those trees and played on those hills? What were their names? Where are they now? What was Christmas like when the whole family was there? Why was this place abandoned? Did someone die? Did the bank foreclose?

Oh, the stories these places could tell. Well, we do not know the stories, but we do have pictures and we do have imaginations. Let the stories flow.

Thank you for dropping by for Vintage View Vednesday today.


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