Monday, February 24, 2020

What's Up, Weekend?

Our weekend began Thursday morning when I cranked the bus in Citronelle, Alabama about 8:00 AM. I am so glad it cranked and ran perfectly. Much better than last year. We were rolling into Ellisville Assembly by 10:30 and KJo was parking the BoggsMobile. I was standing under the porch of the fellowship hall trying to stay as dry as possible.

Once we were parked, we drove to Hattiesburg to meet Bro. Scott, Sis. Kim and Brandon for lunch at Front Porch.

Then we made a Home Depot stop and also our annual stop at Parker's Wholesale. It was running over with stuff and kind of disorganized, but I did find something I was needing. I found a 5' water meter wrench that we need back at the Lazy OD Ranch.

We visited with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris Thursday afternoon and then ate supper with Bro. Leon and Sis. Mona Henderson and some of their family that evening.

Friday was the big wild game supper fundraiser for the Ellisville First Assembly Academy. We worked on our bookwork part of the day and I watched the men and women cook a bit, Mostly I spent the day waiting for the supper to begin! I will have more pictures tomorrow.

Saturday was a casual day, but it ended up being pretty packed with activity. I worked on some sermon preparation and then KJo and I spent a couple of hours loading in the sound equipment, setting up and getting a long soundcheck.

With that finished, we cranked the bus, pulled forward to do the work of the evangelist and then backed the bus into our normal position. When we arrived Thursday, we had parked about 70' forward so the BoggsMobile would not be in the way of the cooking activity for the wild game supper.

Saturday evening we went to Berry's in McGee, Mississippi for a wonderful meal and terrific fellowship with our dear friends. Bro. Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris are super great people and they have been such terrific friends to us. They are much more like family than friends.

Their granddaughter, Emma Grace, was an infant when we first began preaching revivals here. She used to go to eat with us nearly every day before she started school. She is a fine young lady now and it was good to have her with us Saturday evening.

I went to bed as early as I could Saturday night, anticipating two great revival services on Sunday. Of course, early to bed means early to rise and unfortunately that was true for me. I did get some sleep though and I got up rested.

I was sure that we would have a good altar service Sunday morning and I was right! Praise God for His help.

Sunday night the service was wonderful too. I love it when God touches and blesses His people. I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen the rest of the week. Come be with us during revival this week IF you can.

Odie also took a few pictures Sunday night.

Thank you for joining us. Come again real soon.


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