Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday Ellisville, MS 2007 and 2008

Prayer Request
My Mother, Martha Boggs, broke her wrist this week and will be having surgery in a few days. Please pray that the surgery goes well, the pain is minimal and the healing is quick and complete. Thank you.

Vintage View Vednesday
This week's Vintage View Vednesday remains, or at least begins, in 2007 like the last several posts. 

We are having a super great revival in Ellisville and we are enjoying visiting with our many precious friends and family here. Monday I went searching through our vast archives of pictures looking for our oldest pictures from Ellisville AND I found some.

Our first visit to Ellisville, Mississippi to preach for Pastor Kenny Morris was in March of 2006. I could not find any pictures from that visit, but I do have a few from our revival in 2007 and a bunch from our revival in 2008. Wow! Time sure grows these kids!

It has been a thrill to go through each of these pictures. These people have become such a special part of our lives and it is no wonder at all. We have watched a generation of kids grow up before our eyes, one revival at a time. Many of them are in college, working or married and having kids of their own. Wow Again!

Thank you for joining us today. Come back and see us again real soon.




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  1. Yall brought memories back! I sure miss those days! I miss Uncle Glen too!-Sarah Havard


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