Thursday, February 6, 2020

Katz Deli!

I am reposting this from our first and only visit to Katz Deli north of Houston. This was originally posted in October 2013. At the bottom of the post, I will tell you why I am posting it again if you have not figured it out by then.

Katz Deli - Houston, Texas

We have been eyeing this place and their monster Reuben sandwiches for a long time. When Pastor Don Goodwin asked me to come for revival over a year ago, I instantly decided it was the right thing to do since it was close to this heavenly Reuben.

We decided to try for Odie's early Birthday celebration Tuesday evening after our day long visit to the Prevost shop. Wow! What a sandwich! What a great way to cap off a stressful day! They have about 10 more sandwiches that I would like to try but I do not know if I could ever pass up the Reuben.

Yes, it was that good. We like our sauerkraut without sugar and this Reuben was great even though the sauerkraut was slightly sweet. A person should not do that to good kraut but Reuben was awesome anyway. You can order it with a combination of four different meats but the pastrami was the best hands down in my opinion.

Kelly Jo and I love horseradish on our Reuben so she took a little bottle of chopped horseradish to spice things up. It was the perfect complement to a near perfect sandwich.

This is a monster Reuben!

Odie is giving her approval on a great birthday meal!

Kelly Jo and Odie ordered the mid-sized Reuben and I ordered the New York size. That is the big one. It was definitely big but it was no kind of step for a stepper like me. It was pretty pricey but it was Odie's birthday so it was absolutely worth it.

If you ever get near Houston, Texas you should try it.

Have you figured my reasoning for posting this again today?

Oh yeah! We are finally going back to Katz for our second visit after nearly 6 years and 4 months! Pastor Goodwin has some business to take care of close to there this afternoon, so he suggested going to Katz for lunch today.

We had to think about it for at least two seconds before we acquiesced to the Pastor's wishes and said we would go. We are supposed to leave here by 10:00 AM this morning and we should be pulling into Katz about 11:00. We should have some more great pictures that will rival the ones above. Yay!

Thank you for reading today. Make sure you tune in tomorrow!



  1. I'm envious! Katz's is great. My first and only experience was in NYC. I too am a sucker for a good Reuben with pastrami. Enjoy!

    1. Pictures on the way! I knew I liked you for good reason!


  2. Bro.Davy, I always stay tuned in with You & enjoy every moment to the MAX, TXS!

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Thank you for doing so, Bro. Frankie! We appreciate it!
      Davy, Kelly and Odie


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