Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Story of A Brighter Day!

Many of you followed along with us in 2015 as our dear friend, Sis. Mary Isham was sick with cancer and then quicker than any of us could have believed she was taken away. 

These are the last two pictures that Odie took of Sis. Mary Isham in March, 2015 while we were in revival at Beechfork.

I was honored to preach her funeral in November, 2015. It was one of the saddest days in my memory but it was made bearable by the wonderful visitation of the Lord during the funeral and the committal service.

Sis. Mary was one of the sweetest human beings on the face of the earth and a beautiful Christian on top of that. Her passing was a tremendous loss to her church, her family, her friends and her precious husband. Sis. Mary had been married to her husband Joel all of their adult lives and understandably Joel had the breath knocked out of him with Mary gone.

It was awesome to see and feel the Spirit of God touch all of us during the funeral but it was especially wonderful to see God touch Bro. Joel. It was exactly what he needed to face the long, lonely days that lie ahead.

Those days were darker and more desolate than Bro. Joel could take by himself. God blessed him and kept him day by day. Soon the days turned into weeks and months and a year. Step by step and prayer by prayer, God pulled Bro. Joel through the grieving process.

Late November, 2016 God dropped gracious blessing on Bro. Joel. A fine Christian woman from Alabama walked into Beechfork Holiness Church during a special service. Over the months they developed a friendship and then love.

Bro. Joel and Sis. Amber recently announced that they will be married in May. We were very blessed to have them in service with us Sunday night at Beechfork.

When Bro. Joel called to tell me the news a while back, he started describing Amber and I realized we know her! She attends a church in Alabama where we have had friends for many years and we met her when she visited a revival we had in Tuscaloosa some years ago.

We were very impressed with her character and spirit back then and we are even more impressed now. She obviously has great taste in her man.

We are very happy for Bro. Joel and Sis. Amber! Congratulations and may God give you many years together!

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