Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hotel Life Versus Bus Life

We have spent our fair share of nights in hotels and motels. We have pretty much traveled all of our adult lives, always going some where in a hurry. We have now spent a combined total of 17 years in full time travel and as far as we know, there is no end in sight.

We have stayed in Sunday School rooms, fellowship halls, evangelist quarters, parsonages, Pastor's homes and a bunch of hotels. Hotels are the easiest for us because most of them are accessible to Odie. We do tire quickly of hotels though.

We love the comfort and satisfaction of having our own bed every night and some privacy for our family. It is also very important to have space that Odie can navigate and not be limited. Most homes and evangelist quarters are not accessible for her and most folks understand that.

We talk to people out here on the road that travel for business and some of them are in two to three different cities a week for weeks on end. They live out of a suitcase and go from one hotel to the other. That gets old in a week or two!

That is why we go to the great expense and aggravation of hauling our home around with us. I get tempted at times to believe that we are "wasting" money that could be better spent and then we stay a couple of weeks in a hotel and I am slapped back into reality.

The last two weeks we were in a very nice hotel. It was clean and comfortable and the employees were friendly and helpful. It could not have been much nicer, but it was not our home.

We could not cook, could not play music loud, could not talk loud after church and could not regulate the temperature properly. We could hear the babies cry, the dogs bark, the kids racing in the hallway upstairs, the neighbors snore, the early risers close their door and the cleaning staff start to work.

Those are not complaints, just the reality of hotel life.

It was so good to get back to the BoggsMobile and enjoy our little home on wheels. It is expensive, exasperating and even enraging at times, but it is our home. We are very thankful for the BoggsMobile.

There is one thing about hotel life that we dearly love. IF you have ever spent more than a few weeks in an RV, you know that water is always limited. Either the water supply is limited in the fresh water tank, the hot water is limited to the very few gallons in an RV water heater or the tank capacity for the drain water is extremely limited.

For us, all three of those limitations usually apply in the BoggsMobile. That means careful water conservation and navy showers. What is a navy shower?

navy shower (also known as a "combat shower" or "military shower") is a method of showering that allows for significant conservation of water and energy by turning off the flow of water in the middle portion of the shower while lathering.

Hotel life reverses all that for us. We have unlimited water, unlimited hot water and unlimited drain capacity. I know. We should be concerned about the world water supply and conserve water anyway, but give us a break. This is our one indulgence!😁

This last hotel had the hottest water we have ever had in a hotel and we enjoyed every drop of it. I think we all took at least two long hot showers every day! We were squeaky clean by the time we left London, Kentucky.

But it is still good to be home! We will take the bus any day, even over long hot limitless showers!

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