Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #15

Another weekend has come and gone and we are in another state having another great revival. That seems to be the story of our lives, but if it is, then what a wonderful life!

We began the weekend by ending revival at Beechfork Holiness Church. We had a good week of revival and it was bittersweet saying goodbye to all of our dear friends in Tennessee Friday. They know we can not stay forever, but they make us feel like they want us to stay.

I always say, "It is better to leave while they want you to stay than to stay until they want you to leave!"

Odie snapped a few more pictures Friday night that I have posted below. You can see even more from last Friday's post HERE.

By the time we went to Shoney's after church and then drove to Vonore and the BogggsMobile it was very late. I think it was about 2:00 AM when we finally laid down for the night.

I was up early Saturday morning but I let the girls rest a while. We were going less than 300 miles so we did not have to be in a super big hurry. I visited with some of the customers parked at Jeff's place (East Tennessee Luxury Coach) while I was getting things ready to roll and we hit the road about 11:00.

The weather Saturday was absolutely beautiful and the BoggsMobile was ready to run! There are a few big climbs between Knoxville and Nashville but they were like mole hills Saturday. I had to slow down to make some of the curves but not because of the climb.

We were making real good time but then Kelly Jo noticed on Google Maps there was a bad traffic jam north of Nashville on I-65. Mr. Garmin suggested I exit the interstate east of Nashville and scoot around town that way. We tried it and it worked out fine. The traffic jam was still going strong a few hours later. I am very glad we avoided that.

We rejoined I-65 at exit 2 in Franklin, Kentucky but not before stopping at the Flying J there to empty the holding tanks. We stopped and slept at that Flying J a few hours on our way from Mobile, Alabama to Ohio about three weeks ago. I think we are going in circles.

We pulled in to Trinity Pentecostal Church about 5 hours and 10 minutes after we left Vonore. We had traveled about 292 miles.

After we were parked and had the sound equipment set up, we enjoyed great fellowship and a good meal with Pastor Alan and Sis. Tammy Harris at the best Mexican joint in town.

They have a pretty church here in the country and it is a super great place to park! We have been coming here for many years and we are excited to be back.

They have sold some of their pews and they are planning a complete indoor remodel of the sanctuary beginning next week.

We really had church both services Sunday! It was awesome! I ran and shouted and preached way to hard but I sure enjoyed each and every moment of it.

Davy and Pastor Alan Harris

We ate at the other Mexican joint in Central City Sunday afternoon. It was good too.

After an amazing Sunday we retreated to the BoggsMobile after fellowship and stumbled into bed very, very late again. It was one of those nights that climbing into bed felt so good, that I thought I might get out of bed and climb back in again!

That wraps up our weekend. If this week stays true to form, we will be flying through this revival and it will be over way to quick!

Thank you for reading.



  1. Love you all

    Carolyn Sue Nichols

    1. Sis. Sue,

      Thank you for all of your kindness to us. We love you too and we loved being there last week!

      Davy, Kelly Jo and Odie

  2. How is your eye doing? Praying for you and Kelly jo and oldie. Hoping revival is going well.~troy and jadyn

  3. How is your eye doing? Praying for you and Kelly Jo and Odie. Hoping revival is going well.~troy and jadyn


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