Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #17

This was our first weekend of Music and Ministry Month at Hodgenville Pentecostal Church in Hodgenville, Kentucky and what a beautiful weekend it was. Being here with Pastor David Webb, his family and his church is a great privilege and we are enjoying it very much already.

Before we got started at Hodgenville, we had to actually leave Ohio. That proved easier said than done. We started early but it seemed like we were spinning our wheels.

I had some running to do Friday morning concerning the house while Kelly Jo was preparing the BoggsMobile to ride. She is the hardest working evangelist wife in the USA and she proves that to me every day AND makes is look easy.

Once I was back at the barn, it took 90 minutes or so to finish my preparations to leave. Even when we are only home a week, I drag so many things out of the bus that have to be put back in before we ride. I guess I need two of everything!😁

Dad and Mom dropped by for a few minutes and we had hugs all around. That was the best part of the morning, especially since we know we will see them very soon.

We finally pulled out about 10:30, stopped at Flying J and then pointed south. The route to Hodgenville kept us on I-71 all the way passed Louisville and then exiting at Elizabethtown. By 2:15 we were pulling into HPC.

We have parked a couple of different places on past visits but this time we are parked behind the fellowship hall by the bus barn. It is a beautiful place to park on level concrete.

The BoggsMobile was shining when we left the Ranch but we drove in just enough rain to mess it up real good. I gave it a fast wash job while Kelly Jo and Odie were getting things set up. Then we spent the rest of the evening visiting with Bro. and Sis. Webb and tying up loose ends for our kick-off session on Saturday.

Saturday morning I was up early making final preparations and 11:00 AM rolled around quick. The first session, the Musician Group Session from 11-1 on Saturday went really well. We were very pleased with the participation and response. It really encouraged us for this whole project.

We neglected to snap a group picture for some reason.

Saturday night we practiced a song with an ensemble and that went well too. The ensemble sang Sunday morning and the Spirit of the Lord moved in the song. I was very happy with the young folks that sang and the musicians also.

Both Sunday services were tremendous! Pastor David Webb preached outstanding to the families Sunday morning and God moved in a wonderful altar service.

Sunday night was powerful too. God moved in the singing and when Bro. Webb opened the altar, several folks came to pray for salvation. It was great to see and to feel conviction and the response to conviction.

Sunday Morning

The Yates family took us out for Mexican Sunday afternoon.

Choir practice Sunday evening.

Sunday Night

We finished the weekend with a great time of fellowship with Pastor Webb and his family. These are precious people here at HPC and we are glad to be with them for Music and Ministry Month. I can see right now that time is going to fly by quickly!

That wraps up our weekend. Thanks for stopping to see us today.


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