Saturday, April 29, 2017

Harmony and Anointing Are Amazing

Hello Friends,

This is Odie checking in from Hodgenville, Kentucky. We have had a wonderful week working with some great people here at HPC. It is an honor for my family to be included in this Music and Ministry Month. I only play a small role but I am thrilled to be here. 

Music and singing is very dear to my heart. It has always been part of my life. I am grateful that my parents raised me in a home with a love of music and taught me an appreciation for it at a young age.

I started singing in church around the age of 4 and I was 5 when we recorded our first cassette tape. When I listen to the recording now I can not believe my parents let my singing slide by. I guess they thought it was cute. I do remember putting my heart into the recording. Thankfully my singing has progressed and gotten better, I think. I am a long way from being my best but I am always striving to be a better singer. 

In the summer of 1993 Mom started teaching me to sing harmony. I started with the alto part but I dreamed of being a high soprano singer. Sadly that was not in the plans for me. I accept my position as an alto and I have grown to love that part. 

I will always have a deep appreciation for someone who has a big vocal range and can ring the rafters but I am happy to add my voice in as well. It is a privilege to sing.

When I began singing at 4 years old I never dreamed that I would sing Gospel music all over the United States and in foreign countries. What an amazing journey it has been and continues to be.

I have been reflecting this week on things that happened when I was younger and the impact they had on me. One of the first songs I sang harmony on was Use Me Lord I Pray. Here are the lyrics to the chorus.

Use me Lord I Pray 
Make me stronger everyday 
Here's my life please take control 
Use me body mind and soul
Lord I give my life to you today 
Use me Lord I pray 

This song was written by John Dixon. I remember thinking way back then that it had awesome words. It has been a prayer of mine through the years. 

Mom sang this chorus during a prayer time after a session last Saturday. I was reminded of learning to sing harmony on this song. I had no clue how singing the Gospel would come to be an everyday part of my life. I am extremely blessed and grateful that get to do something I love so much. 

I love being able to work alongside my family as a ministry team. Singing with my Dad and Mom is my happy place. But I will never forget an experience I had when I was 14. I was at youth camp without my parents and I was asked at the last minute to sing a special. I usually did not sing without Mom and Dad.

I obeyed leadership and got up and sang my song. I sang it through once, repeated the chorus a couple times and maybe the second verse. I went and sat down as I was trained to do. 

Later those in charge told me the Lord had been moving and I should have kept singing. It Is one of the first times I remember feeling the anointing singing by myself. It kind of took me by surprise but it was a learning experience. My parents being there was not a necessity to be anointed. I could have it for myself too. 

Singing is nothing without the anointing of God. There are times when I sing and I do not feel anointed at all! It causes me to examine things and see why I did not have that extra touch. I want to always be a willing and available vessel that God can use to touch others. It is a honor and a humbling experience to be anointed by God! 

There a many experiences over the years when God moved while we have been singing. I never want to lose sight that it was Him moving. I was just a minor part of his plan. 

We have reached the end of my rambling and reminiscing. I have a hard time putting into words the things I feel in my heart. I hope my awesome editor was able to make sense of all this! I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had to minister to others through music. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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