Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #16

It has been a super great Easter weekend! We have so many pictures from the weekend, we may save the pictures from Easter Sunday for a second post. We will see how it goes.

Friday in Central City was great from the start because it included Mexican food! I think we only ate Mexican food five days while in Central City so we will have to do better next time.😀

Friday afternoon, I unhooked the utilities, started the BoggsMobile and turned it around in order to hook up the car. I had everything ready to go before church started.

Friday night we had another good service to finish up revival. We sure enjoyed being with Pastor Alan Harris and all of his fine folks. They have been so good to us through the years and we cherish their friendship.

Friday night pictures from Sis. Brenti.

Pictures from Pastor Alan Harris

After church we loaded up the BoggsMobile, bid our dear friends a sad goodbye and pointed northeast toward the Lazy OD Ranch. It was only 272 miles and mostly interstate but I was a little tired starting out this time.

The last several times I have driven at night I have not been sleepy at all. I did not really struggle to stay a wake Friday but I was wishing every single mile away. We had to make a detour from our regular route through Cincinnati due to construction but we had no trouble at all going through and very little traffic.

4 hours and 26 minutes after we started, we pulled in next to the barn. We did not take time to take the tent trailer out of its place inside. We pulled in next to the barn, hooked up to the outside plug and called it a night. 

I climbed into bed for a few hours about 4:00 AM. It sure felt good!

Saturday morning David Bulter and my Dad came and officially staked out the perimeter of the house we are building for Odie to live in. 

David Butler is doing the excavating. He plans to be here this morning to begin. We officially "Broke ground" this weekend with Odie turning over the first shovel of dirt. I will have pictures of that later.

While we were working on the layout, the Dodds church was having their Egg Hunt next door. Some of the folks walked over to visit and we enjoyed that. Paul Smith and his wife and children were in from Chicago and walked over for a few minutes. I do not get to see Paul very often so that was really special.

Paul is a first cousin on the Boggs side of our family and is about a year and a half younger than me. We lived close when we were growing up and we spent a lot of time together. He is a very talented artist and that was evident even when we were very young. Who needed coloring books when he could draw all the pictures we needed to color?

It was great to see him.

Then we moved the tent trailer out of the barn and flip the BoggsMobile around and backed it in. Kelly Jo is quite a driver!

At 5:00 PM it was time for a break and a nice meal with some of my family at Dad's barn. They had smoked ham, brisket, green beans, grilled vegetables and a bunch more things that I am not allowed to partake in. 

We enjoyed the short visit with family. We did not stay long since we had work to do and we were hoping we might go to bed early to make up for missing a night's sleep. Fat chance of that!

One of the things I did Saturday before dark was give the Green Machine a good bath. It was way overdue and it cleaned up nicely. It is so nice to have water on the Ranch now!

We did have a super great Sunday at our home church. Pastor Gary Lee preached Sunday morning and Pastor Bennie Sutherland preached Sunday night. They both reeled in a couple of souls a piece and that is awesome. What a great way to begin revival. 

I think this post is long enough so I will post the pictures from Sunday later. I do have a couple more pictures to post before I close. Pastor Alan Harris and the church in Central City are beginning a sanctuary remodel today. They had already sold some the their pews and were using a few of their fellowship hall chairs in the sanctuary.

Sunday night after there service, Bro. Harris and his folks moved everything out to prepare for the contractors arriving this morning! It looks huge!

They are going to remove the paneling and replace it with drywall, extend the platform and replace the carpet. They have new chairs coming soon as well. It is going to look so nice.

The First Church of the Fellowship Hall is set up and ready to go!

That wraps up most of the weekend. I will try to post pictures from Easter tomorrow. I hope you had a great weekend.


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